20 Interview Questions to Use for Your Next Video

Tell your unique story 20 interview questions for your next video.

In business videos, it has been increasingly more common to see documentary-style interviews used to narrate the videos. You are probably familiar with these shots from popular documentaries or tv shows. The interview subject is commonly placed on the right or left side of the frame and speaking to an interviewer on the opposing side of the screen.

Here is an example of a video we produced that was narrated by an interview.

This narration style has taken off because it is easy to produce and it provides a very authentic narration to the video. All day people are being sold through ads and social media posts. Creating video content that tells a real story without screaming “buy this” is a way to calmly break through the noise.

In order to capture a compelling story, you need to start with a solid foundation – interview questions. The interview questions are your tool to pull the story out of your talent. No set of questions works for every interview so you need to be ready to adapt and adjust on the fly.

To get you started on your next interview we prepared 20 of our go-to interview questions when working with corporate clients.

20 Video Interview Questions

Introduce yourself using your full name, position, and company name.

Tell me about yourself. Family? Hobbies? What do you like to do?

Please give me an overview of your duties at your company?

Tell me about your background in widgets.

What problems does your company solve for your clients?

What separates your company from the competition?

What are some benefits of hiring your company?

How would you describe the atmosphere of your company?

Who is your ideal client?

What are some well-known clients and projects that your company has worked on in the past?

Tell me about a time your company succeeded.

Tell me about a time your company failed and what you learned from it.

What unique solution does your company offer?

How did your company get started?

What is your company currently working on?

What new products or services do your clients have to look forward to?

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

At the end of the day, what makes you feel most proud?

What does the future have in store for your company?

How can people get in contact with you?

These interview questions are just a few to help get you started. If you need help generating more video interview questions email us at blog@chocolatebarstudios.com.

And if you do use these questions in your next video be sure to send us the final video. We would love to see it!


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