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A Documentary About Your Business

The art of story can provide tremendous value and emotion to anything it touches. Every famous art piece is more than just a piece of art, it is a story. The person who painted it, why they painted it, when they painted it. All of these factors come together to give an object deeper meaning.

For businesses and organizations looking to tell their unique story should look no further than producing an ‘About Us’ style video. This docu-style video is typically 2-5 minutes long with the goal of introducing the viewer to your business and line of products or services. This style of video is the most common business video format and often the first video a business creates when experimenting with video marketing. 

About Us videos are so popular because of their effectiveness as a top-of-the-funnel sales tool. When a potential customer is searching online for relevant keywords or browsing through your website your About Us video can tell the story, present your product offering and give them a call-to-action all in under 5 minutes.

Why Make an ‘About Us’ Video?


An About Us video is an opportunity to tell your viewers about the rich history of your company and what makes you an expert in your field.


With so much work being done digitally a video offers a way to introduce viewers and help build relationships to the staff members customers may be working with. 


Take the viewer deeper into your business and explain to them why you do what you do and what makes your business so unique.

Tuxe Bodywear: The elements of Style

About Us video based around the fashion designer and founder of TUXE Bodywear, Tamar Daniel. This video follows the story of Tamar and the struggles she went through was trying to start TUXE bodywear. We shot a variety of b-roll of her around Philadelphia while cutting it with footage of a photo shoot of their new clothing line. 

Heritage of green Hills

The Heritage of Green Hills is a retirement community located in the outskirts of the Greater Philadelphia area. Visiting the area can be difficult for many possible customers so we worked with them to create this About Us videos that takes viewers on a visual tour of the campus. This video was narrated through a series of interviews with a variety staff members to give viewers an idea of who they would be working with upon living there.

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