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Interview Your Customers

The best person to relate to prospective customers is other customers. If you have a large backlog of happy customers, then a customer testimonial video fits your business. Contact some of your favorite customers and see if they would be willing to speak about their experience with your company on camera. 

Our video producer will interview your customers on camera to create authentic video content about what it is like to work with your company and how your products or services have helped your customer. These testimonial videos provide real examples that customers can relate to and help your brand build more trust when selling your product or services.

Why Customers Testimonials?

Authentic Messaging

Give your salesperson a break and let your customer sing your praises, providing an authentic marketing message from past customers.

Relateable stories

The problems your solved for your past customers is probably the same or similar problems prospective customers are having.

easy to produce

These interview heavy videos are a cost effective and easy to produce video that can prove to be its weight in gold. 

Amenities at The Heritage of Green Hills

At the retirement community, The Heritage of Green Hills, we produced this video highlighting the different amenities available for residents. We told the story of the video through interviews with current staff and residents to provide an authentic storytelling experience. 

The Boss Group | Customer Testimonials

The award winning staffing agency worked with Chocolate Bar Studios to interview past clients and select staff members for this interview based video. With this video we wanted to tell the story of how Boss Group is able to help their customers solve the staffing problems they may face.

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