How to Make 1 Video a Week: Batch Video Production

Putting out one video a week sounds feasible. After all, you have a phone in your pocket that records a decent 4k video. But… you still have been putting off filming those videos for your business. Don’t worry I’m guilty of it too.

As business owners and marketers, we’re busy, and setting aside time each week to shoot and edit videos is unreasonable. Jumping through the hurdles of making one video a week or even one video a month is enough to drive even the most competent marketers insane.

The secret to putting out substantial amounts of video content is batch video production.

What is Batch Video Production

Batch video production is taking one shoot day and shooting weeks or months worth of content in one day.

Why Batch Video Production?
  • Increased Production Value
  • Lower Overall Cost Per Video (CPV)
  • Automated Posting

Increased Production Value

Let’s say you have a $200 budget per video and are looking to create 2x videos a month. If you shot both of those videos at the beginning of the month, it gives you a budget of $400 to make two videos. There isn’t that much you can do with $400 short of hiring a film student at a local university, which is a gamble I do not recommend.

Instead of shooting two videos at the same time, let’s push that number to shoot 20 videos all in one day. We now have a budget of 20 videos x $200 = $4,000. With that budget, we can hire a professional team. A professional team will make you look, sound, and perform better than any amateur with a camera.

Video Quality Reflects Your Business

Unless it is an Instagram live or quick story update the quality of your video content is a direct reflection of your business. Low-quality videos will make your business look old-fashioned and out of touch. With batch video production it makes it possible for all businesses to hire a professional video team. Video crews generally work off of a 10-hour day rate meaning once you book them for the day you can film as many videos as you can in 10 hours! That is a lot of video content.

The cost of a professional video team is not cheap as your grandson with a camcorder but with batch video production it is cheaper than you may think. When you shoot numerous videos in one day it drops your cost per video drastically. When we work with clients to shoot social media content it is not uncommon for us to shoot 10-20+ short videos in one shoot day!

What is a customer worth?

Producing 20 videos in one shoot day may cost you $2,500 but if we divide the cost by the number of videos it comes to $125 per video. Let’s assume each video only gets 500 views. That comes to $0.50 per person you engaged with your video. The more you break out your marketing math you can see how video starts to be a strong investment. Once you dive deeper into video retargeting and incorporating more social media ad techniques your return-on-investment (ROI) will continue to grow.

Automate the Video Posting

With batch video production, when working with a professional editor, you can expect all your videos edited and completed 2-3 weeks after your shoot day. We recommend taking all your completed video content and scheduling them to post on your social media channels and blog posts. And thus, your business will be set for consistent video publishing for months to come.

PS – We recommend to help with posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Shooting 20 videos in one day may sound like a nightmare, but we find it is more efficient and cost-effective for all of our clients. If you would like to learn more about batch video production send us a message and we would be happy to answer any questions.


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