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Producing a Crowdsourcing Campaign Video

A compelling video is integral to a successful crowdsourcing campaign. It is an opportunity to pitch your audience one last time before they decide if they will contribute to your campaign. 

When producing video content for Kickstarter or other crowdsourcing platforms our video producers will work with you 1-on-1 to develop a unique marketing video that stands out. We provide assistance in developing your video from conceptualization all the way through to uploading the final version. We make it our goal to not only create a beautiful video but also give you the best chance possible at reaching your fundraising goals. 

Parts of a Successful Campaign Video

target a pain point

The best way to connect with potential customers is to target a relevant pain point. Using video you can illustrate the problem and the solution being your product or services.

tell your story

Show the viewer your talented team and the hard work you have put into the product. Tell them the all the steps, iterations and time you have invested to create the perfect product. 

Showcase expertise

Your Kickstarter video is your video resume for potential customers. Tell them why you are worthy of their time, support and financial backing.

The Libra Collection

Local Philadelphia shoe designer, Andrew Ma, hired Chocolate Bar Studios to create a series of videos for his new line of shoes, the Libra Collection.

kyn Watches

When Kyn was launching their first smart watch for kids they turned to Chocolate Bar Studios to assist in creating the Kickstarter video and other video marketing assets for the brand.

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