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A collection of some of our past work we have produced for businesses and organizations.  clients. For more work or testimonials from past clients please reach out to our video team.

Chocolate Bar Studios Reel

Enjoy a compilation of past work we have done for clients. For full video examples check out one of the links below. 

Tuxe Body wear:
The elements of style

This About Us video is based on the fashion designer and founder of TUXE Bodywear, Tamar Daniel. This video follows the story of Tamar and the struggles she went through was trying to start TUXE bodywear. We shot a variety of b-roll of her around Philadelphia while cutting it with footage of a photo shoot of their new clothing line. 

Heritage of Green Hills: About Us

The Heritage of Green Hills is a retirement community located in the outskirts of the Greater Philadelphia area. Visiting the area can be difficult for many possible customers so we worked with them to create this About Us videos that takes viewers on a visual tour of the campus. This video was narrated through a series of interviews with a variety staff members to give viewers an idea of who they would be working with upon living there.

Samson & Surrey:
Widow Jane Old Fashioned

What better way to promote your liquor  company than teaching your customers how to make delicious cocktails with it? In this video we partnered with Samson & Surrey beverage purveyors to teach viewers step by step how to create an old fashioned with their Widow Jane 10 year bourbon.

DFX SoundVision:
The Funplex

A visual showcase of the lighting work DFX Sound & Vision did for bowling and gaming zone The Funplex in New Jersey. In this video we take viewers on a visual tour of what DFX can provide their clients. We wanted to showcase the quality of audio/visual setups DFX is capable of by showing their recently finished bowling alley.

Kyn Watch Kickstarter

When Kyn was launching their first smart watch for kids they turned to Chocolate Bar Studios to assist in creating the Kickstarter video and other video marketing assets for the brand.

Andrew Ma Shoes:
The Libra Collection

Local Philadelphia shoe designer, Andrew Ma, hired Chocolate Bar Studios to create a series of videos for his new line of shoes, the Libra Collection.

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