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Having a well shot video of your product has become an expectation among online shoppers. A product video allows your brand to have another touch point with a customer considering your product. Showcase the product, it’s features and what makes your product so great. A well done video can help your product close more sales and further your relationship with customers. 

When creating a product video our video producers will work with you develop a video concept that highlights your product, is aimed at your target audience and works within your marketing budget. Our cinema grade camera equipment and years of experience will have your product looking its best.

Why Make a Product Video?

increase touch points

Providing videos of your products to customers provides another touchpoint and chance to pitch them on your product or services.

deeper understanding

Product videos can be very information l when working with tech-heavy or complicated products. A well done product video can showcase the product’s features and ease of use.

boost SEO

With more social media channels relying on video a video of your product will often rank better than traditional text or photo posts of your products.

Widow Jane old fashioned

What better way to promote your liquor than teaching your customers how to make delicious cocktails with it? In this video we teach viewers step by step how to create an old fashioned with Widow Jane’s 10 year bourbon.

the funplex by dfx sound & Vision

A visual showcase of the lighting work DFX Sound & Vision did for bowling and gaming zone The Funplex in New Jersey. In this video we take viewers on a visual tour of what DFX can provide their clients. We wanted to showcase the quality of audio/visual setups DFX is capable of by showing their recently finished bowling alley.

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