Video Production Resources for Business Owners and Marketers

Unleash the true potential of your business videos with our comprehensive guide to measuring impact and ROI. Dive into the world of data-driven insights as we uncover the key metrics essential for understanding audience engagement, optimizing strategies, and demonstrating tangible returns on your video marketing investments. From tracking views and engagement metrics to analyzing audience demographics and conversion rates, this guide equips you with the tools and knowledge to elevate your video marketing game. Embrace the power of measurement and watch your business videos make a meaningful impact in the digital landscape.
Instagram is becoming the go-to social media platform for many businesses. With Facebook’s aging user base, more businesses are turning to Instagram and Reels.

When you think of large insurance brands such as Nationwide, Progressive, and Geico you probably imagine their spokesman whether it be…

Creating an About Us video is often the first step when developing a video campaign. Still, all too often, they are created without the proper planning leading to poor messaging and costly reshoots to remake the video.
A videographer is a professional camera operator used for television, movie, or corporate video productions.
The heart and soul of every Kickstarter project is the video. A one to five-minute video breaking down what your product is and why people should take a risk on your company. The video is your one chance at an elevator pitch to hook your customers, so make it count!
Batch video production is taking one shoot day and shooting weeks or months worth of content in one day.
When creating video content for your business, you always want to start by determining what you are hoping to achieve with this video or video campaign. Your goal can be as simple as "showcase expertise in x area" or detailed as "re-target past customers with a promoted Facebook video post to reveal our new products."
View counts look good in corporate presentations - but views don’t mean squat if your video is not performing in other areas. A video strategy that is solely focused on views means your niche is frankly too big or your marketing goals are too broad.