The 5 Steps to Creating an About Us Video

As business owners, we are always pitching and explaining our business multiple times a week. Whether it is to colleagues, customers, or leads. It wastes time and resources when your sales team could be focusing on more important tasks.

This constant top-of-the-funnel sales pitch can be replaced by the infamous About Us video. An About Us video is a short 2-3 minute video that a new prospect might watch when visiting your website for the first time.

How to Create an About Us Video

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Address a pain point for your target audience
  3. Present a solution
  4. Explain why your business is the best fit 
  5. Provide a clear call-to-action

Creating an About Us video is often the first step when developing a video campaign. Still, all too often, they are created without the proper planning leading to poor messaging and costly reshoots to remake the video. As a small business owner myself, I know how tight marketing budgets can be, so I want to make sure that when you make your About Us video, you do it right the first time. 

Identify your target audience

Your potential viewers will be the ideal demographics that you are striving to connect with online. Merely stating that everyone is your audience is a misnomer and a recipe for disaster. The more you can niche down your audience, the better you will be able to target them with your video. 

Address a pain point for your audience

After you have established who your audience is, we need to break down the messaging for the video. When a potential customer watches this video, we want to speak directly to the problems they are facing in their business. If you are able to resonate with a problem deep enough they will keep watching the video and follow up for more information after. 

All information we are portraying should act as a “north star” directing your customers towards your beliefs, strategies, and services. 

Present a solution

After identifying the problem we need to show them there is a cure to their problem. Explain how your business is able to tackle this problem and how these results can help their business in the long run. In this video, we want to keep the solution succinct. Overloading your viewer with too much information can lead to them tuning out, clicking away, or deciding it isn’t worth the hassle. 

Explain why your business is the best fit

Now is the time to show off your expertise, team, awards, etc. Let the viewer know you are great at what you do and are there to provide help with their problem. In fact, you specialize in solving this problem. 

In your video content, you want to always go “1 inch wide and a mile deep”. This means pick a target and commit to it. By aiming for too many customers or too many services it can lead the viewer to think you’re not really good at any of them. By focusing your messaging on a singular solution it furthers the viewer’s perception of you as an expert. 

Provide a clear call-to-action

We want to end your video with a call to action that is easy for the viewer to take. This call to action should reflect your messaging in the video and speak to your niche audience directly. If you’re able to plan ahead and have the footage talk directly to the layout of your website, that can help provide a seamless transition for your viewer as well. 

Example 1: Broad call-to-action that doesn’t quantify how to take the next step.

“If you want to make your first video today, contact us.”

Example 2: More direct and speaks directly on how to proceed.

“If you’re tired of risking leads due to improper messaging, then enter your information in the form below this video to begin making your About Us video today.” 

You can see in example 2 that the video doesn’t leave anything up to chance. It tells the viewers where they need to go and what will happen if they do. We want to remove guessing from the equation. 

And that’s it!

Follow these five steps and you will create an About Us video that not only looks great but will resonate with your target audience. If your company doesn’t have an internal video team we can walk you through the process of How to Hire a Videographer.

Be sure to collaborate with your team or a video producer when creating your About Us video. It’s better to do it right than having to make it twice. 

People also ask

What is an About Us video?

An About Us video is a 2-3 minute video used to identify your target audience and describe your company’s services

How much do About Us videos cost?

About Us videos generally cost between $5,000-$20,000 when produced by a production company. Like most videos, an About Us video will vary in price based on the number of shoot days required for your project. 


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