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Which Business Video Fits Your Needs?

The type and style of video you decide to create for your business can change depending on your marketing goals and distribution methods. With all of our video projects, we work with our clients one on one to develop customized video production plans that match their branding and budgetary requirements. 

At Chocolate Bar Studios, we specialize in working with businesses and organizations because we believe that every business needs to tell its story.

Tell the story of your business, brand or corporation with an About Us video. This documentary style is perfect for introducing potential customers to who your brand is and what type of work, products or expertise they can expect when working with you.

The best person to relate to prospective customers is other customers. If you have a large backlog of happy customers, then a customer testimonial video fits your business. Contact some of your favorite customers and see if they would be willing to speak about their experience with your company on camera. 

Our producers and production crews are familiar with the level of complexity required to create a video compliant with the brand and legal standards of your company. With years of experience under our belt in the pharmaceutical field you can rest assured that we can produce you a video that not only looks great but will also be compliant within your organization.

product videos

Showcase the beauty of your product with a high-quality video. Our video production team will assist you in developing a video that helps your customers to understand your product. 

Boost the impressions of your event by creating video content surrounding your event. This includes promotional videos to promote the event, recorded interviews and stories to play during your event and after event videos to show your audience what they missed out on.

The basis of a successful crowdsourcing campaign is a compelling video. Let our experienced video production team assist you in the production of your next video. Our services extend beyond just the filming and can assist in concepts, scripting, and visual effects. 

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