Why Should Your Business Have a Homepage Video?

Your businesses’ home page or landing page is meant to be introductory in nature. It needs to be modeled to convey your brand’s story and make every effort to convince your visitors to stay on your website and dive deeper into your funnel.

But how do you convey so much information in such a short amount of time?

With a homepage video which is also known as a landing page video.

What is a landing page video?

A landing page video is a 60-90 second video that targets your customer’s specific pain point and then presents a solution for how your product or services will cure that problem.

This is a landing page video we produced for Chocolate Bar Studios

Businesses are now creating more and more video content and there is a reason for it. 59% of the marketers in the world prefer videos and term them the source of higher ROI. Adding to that, from a consumer point of view, HubSpot says that 43% of people want more video content than other types of content such as infographics, blogs, and images.

Video marketing was a term used quite less in the previous years, but as its importance is growing, businesses are specifying funds for the production of their business videos. Approximately, 85% of businesses are now having dedicated staff for this purpose.

They know the importance and the power of a video to encourage the customers in acting upon the call to action.

If you are running a business in Philadelphia and you don’t have a Landing Page video on your site, then you need to think about it now. Not welcoming your visitors with engaging video content can let you run into some grave risks.

Homepages without video can suffer

A website has only ten seconds to capture the attention of a visitor. In those 10 seconds, you need to present introductory text or video which aims at keeping your visitors on the website.

As the engagement value of a video is more valuable than any other content type, it makes a good case for you to invest in it.

Those web pages that don’t have a landing page video suffer the fate that is less wanted by anyone. I mean who cares about long paragraphs of texts when actually that text can be summed up profoundly in a video. It is said that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. That sure is a lot of words!

Considering the above-stated statistic, imagine your homepage having that much of words. Would anyone read it? I don’t think so. No matter how engaging the written content is. It wouldn’t pay off, and in the long run, the visitors to your website would diminish to greater degrees.

A homepage video thus gives you the advantage to extend your brand story to your visitors precisely.

But this is not just a single benefit that it has.

The benefits of a homepage video

The 2019 Global Internet Phenomena Report, released last month by Sandvine, found that video accounts for over 60% of downstream traffic on the internet. If there weren’t any benefits, why would business owners go for hiring production services?

Let us discuss them in detail.

1) Viewer Engagement

Engagement is the name given to the effectiveness of the video. It is the collective term that describes how the matter of the video is received by the audiences. When we start watching an ad, or any video, only the first 10 seconds are enough to make us watch it further. Thus, if your 1-2-minute video is to the point, it is likely to engage almost more than 90% of the viewers. When you have the engagement of this level, you would likely be able to spread your message.

2) Audience Retention

On average, 88% of users spend more time on a website with a landing page video than on the one that doesn’t have it. This doesn’t just support the claim that video has the highest retention rates, but it also backs the fact that a homepage with a video is well received.

To those who don’t know what retention is, it is the ability of any content to help the users memorize the information provided in it. And you might have read that visuals are more fruitful in helping us learn than text or anything else. To put that in numbers, 95% of information is retained by our brains through visual feeding.

3) Reduction in bounce rates

Generally, for any landing page, the bounce rate is somewhere between 70-90%. A website having a bounce rate of more than 60% requires the owners to devise a strategy that could bring it down. One of those strategies is placing a homepage video on the landing page. Once you do that, you would see how your visitors start to stay on your website for longer periods. It would directly impact the exposure of your business. 76.5% of the SME owners back what I just said.

4) Increase in user activities

Especially for retailers, video marketing can motivate a customer to buy a product. As we see in different scenarios, businesses opt to put their product story into a compelling video that could be humorous or serious depending on the persona of the product. This effort actually pays off because out of all their customers, 4X would prefer watching a video of a product than reading about it. They want to see the product in action and if the video is right on target, its views convert quite easily.

Video marketing can be a good servant and if utilized well enough, you would be able to reap the aforementioned benefits. However, I guess I have put a lot of stats in the discussion. And if you didn’t understand some of it, allow me to explain them further.

Why do the abovementioned stats matter?

The metrics, that I talked about, matter because it is the matter of your business exposure (I’m pro in rhyming, thank you).

  • You would need to ENGAGE them so that they take interest in your website.
  • After you ignite their interest, the content of the video should be strong enough to help the viewer RETAIN all the information.
  • Once you have grasped the attention of the visitor and have made him know your brand, that would ultimately translate into lesser good-byes. The BOUNCE RATES would decrease aptly.
  • Since the principal action of a visitor is to either bounce off or take action, the reduction in bounce rate would mean an increase in CONVERSION RATE.

So, in the wake of all that I said, the result would be a better customer-business relation, and you would be a happy business owner (not to mention wealthy).

How to make a video?

Our discussion of benefits started off from engagement. Even if you post a video, it wouldn’t do you any good if the content is not up to the mark. For that to happen, you can either rely on your own expertise or, you can hire video production services to help you shoot your business videos in Philadelphia. There are many services that can do that for you, but I would personally recommend the Chocolate Bar Studios. They have been providing production services for businesses in your city and can help you add all the elements of storytelling in your videos.


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