Writing a Kickstarter Video That Sells

The heart and soul of every Kickstarter project is the video. A one to five-minute video breaking down what your product is and why people should take a risk on your company. The video is your one chance at an elevator pitch to hook your customers, so make it count!

For this article, I’ll use examples for a fictitious company that makes frisbees with GPS.

Who is your audience?

Presumably, you made your product with a specific person in mind. For your video, we want to reinforce that by tailoring the script specifically to them. Targeting one demographic will allow for a deeper connection that will make the viewer more likely to continue watching or even buy.

Non-targeted message:

Track your frisbee throws for analytics on your throws.

Targeted message:

Conquer more difficult disc golf courses using our disc-tracker. Track your throws, distance, and analytics for each hole.

In the targeted message, we are narrowing our customer base from all frisbee players to more competitive disc golf/frisbee players. By focusing on them, we can better target their pain points and needs. We are trading off a wider audience for a deeper connection with a narrower audience. Limiting your audience size is important because we want to create a message that digs deep and turns viewers into advocates of your brand. Advocates will buy your products, share your content, and recommend others to your company.

What pain point are you solving?

In the first 10 seconds of your video, you need to address the pain point of your audience. This pain point needs to be concise, relatable and directed at your target audience. When pitching this to your audience, we need to pitch it as a ‘painkiller’ and not a ‘vitamin.’

Vitamin – It helps but doesn’t solve anything.

Track your throws and compete with friends

Painkiller – Solves a problem.

Spend more time playing and less time looking for lost discs

In the painkiller, we are targeting a particular problem related to our audience. Any disc golf player would hear that and be able to resonate with that pain.

The vitamin is helpful and certainly intrigues the viewer, but it is not enough of a problem to convince someone to buy. Vitamin stats can be used later on in the video to reinforce purchase decisions as added benefits.

Why You?

After your audience is hooked, you present your painkiller we need to tell them why you? Why should the customer trust you? Who are you? What makes you different from other vendors? There is a lot of competition on Kickstarter and even more on the internet. During this step, we want to build the authenticity and reliability of your brand. If you have a large background in your product field, then make sure you tell your audience that.


I have been working in product development for the past five years and have decided to combine it with my love for disc golf.

In the example, we show that the vendor has a background in making products and is an experienced disc golfer.

If you don’t have a background in designing product, then stress why you are doing it. What inspired you to create this product? If we are not able to build authenticity through credentials, do it through emotion.


My passion for disc golf was straining my wallet with the expensive costs of losing discs when playing challenging courses.

The Close

According to Zig Ziggler, 63% of all sales interactions end with the sales pro not asking for the sale. Let’s not make your Kickstarter one of them.

At the end of the video, you need to direct the viewer to a specific and easy to take action. If your viewer has made it to the end of your video, then the gentle nudge of asking for support can be enough to push them over the edge.

Here is an example of how basic it is.

“With your support, we can bring the DiscFinder to life. Support us by pledging today.”

These tips only scratch the surface of Kickstarter scriptwriting, but we hope it provides you with the support to write your first draft. If you have any questions or would like to help writing your Kickstarter script, send us a message through our website.


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